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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jessica's Junior Prom

Hi. I never got around to posting any pictures of prom. Here is Jessica and Michael before the dance. I think that on that day, Jessica was almost as pretty as Michael.


Leslie said...

Sooo PERTY! (That's how Brianna pronounces it!)

Shayleen Lunt said...

Beautiful! (She's got the BF beat by a mile! Not that he isn't handsome though ;))

chelle said...

Great pics!
And congrats on the weight loss/running thingy's!! I am so impressed. But, then you are an amazing woman who can do anything! Keep up the great work Maura!!

Julie said...

Hey Maura, its Julie (Olson) Pace. Wow...the jessica I know/remember is like 6!!! What a beautiful family. 6 children now...holy cow, its been so long.

Mama D said...

Gorgeous pictures. Jessica and Michael looked beautiful for prom. I love her dress.

Hope you can post Homecoming pictures sooner... lol