Current Exercise and Weight Loss Goals

Friday, November 30, 2007

On Track

So, Mikayla woke me up to tell me goodbye before she went to the bus stop. I got up and "weighed in" and I was so happy with the numbers that I couldn't go back to sleep, even though I had another 40 minutes that I could sleep!

I got up and went down to the dreadmill (actually, Savannah didn't create that term, I saw it on a Runnersworld discussion board a couple years ago and I loved it!). I decided I would again go for a 45 minute workout, hopefully completing 3 miles.

I started out walking at a fast pace. At one point I was talking in my head and planning to put off running until I have lost 9 pounds. Within another minute I was running. The reason: it is easier to "run" 4 miles an hour than to "walk" 4 miles an hour. So, I ran awhile even though I was not planning on it. I ran at 4 mph at times. I also took the incline from 1 all the way up to 4 at times. (I made my own hills.) I finished 3.1 miles in 45:32 minutes! I'm going for 21 more 45 minute workouts by Jan 1st!

My goal is to run the Flying Pig 10K in May 2008.
My other is to hit my goal weight by July 4th, 2008!

(After another frustrating hour on the computer this morning, I finally did the right thing and hopefully fixed my "cookie" problem so I can blog again!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!!)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Mother Moment

I've been getting re-motivated to lose weight and exercise. So, yesterday I headed back to the treadmill. (Jared had fallen asleep at just the right moment.) I walked for 3 miles in just over 45 minutes. Later, Savannah came downstairs and got on the "dreadmill" while I was in the laundry room. I came by with a basketful of clean clothes and got a big chuckle when I saw her. Your life just isn't complete until you see a 4-year-old little girl dressed in a dog costume (Lady, from Lady & the Tramp) walking on a treadmill. She was facing the other way and the little doggie tail was swinging back and forth. The costume comes with a big dog head that sits on top of her head, so from behind, I couldn't see her face at all and it was hilarious. She looked like a very serious dog out for her morning stroll.

Does it get any better than that?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Enrichment Night

I just have to send a big thanks out to the amazing women who planned this month's Enrichment. The presentation at each placesetting was beautiful. The dinner was DELICIOUS! The company was fabulous, as always. It was a really nice evening with lots of time for girl talk. Thank you for making me feel so loved and spoiled.


I'm so excited!!! I haven't been able to sign onto my blog in forever! My dumb computer wouldn't accept any cookies. And I ask.....why not??? I ALWAYS accept cookies!

Two days after my washing maching died, one of my dryers stopped drying!!! But, a week later, with a new heating element installed we are back in business.