Current Exercise and Weight Loss Goals

Monday, January 28, 2008

a mommy moment

I've noticed that I'm not writing much in my blog besides my exercise goals, but I guess a blog is supposed to be personal and can be about whatever you want. I'm very focused on my fitness goals, so that's what I write.

But, last week I had a sweet moment with Jared I wanted to share. He and I were on my bed, snuggled up while he was having a morning bottle of milk. We were watching tv when he leaned back his head to look at me and get a kiss and he said "mama" for the first time. Oh, it just melted my heart! He has been saying "MAAAA" (like a very load bleating lamb) for several weeks, but his was so tender and sweet. I said "Jared" back to him and he repeated the process several times; looking back, getting a kiss and saying "mama".

The funny thing is, he hasn't said "mama" since. But, I don't mind. I had that moment and it was great!


I'm so excited. I finished the last 3 miles at 10:45 last night! I was proud that I made it happen! I've got my next goal all set!

1 mile run
2 miles walk
for 7 days

So, that is my next 21 miles in 7 days goal.

I'm in training for the FLYING PIG 10K!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No Snowday-Thank Goodness

My kids were bouncing off the walls yesterday, so I am glad they are in school today! I woke up with Mikayla checked the school closings. After she left for the bus, I sneaked into my room and got my exercise clothes, shoes, and the 3 Fast Miles DVD. (I had to be sneaky, because Savannah was asleep in my bed. And believe me, I didn't want her around for the whole workout.)

I did my workout in the family room with the fireplace blasting me with heat. (not good) But, I got my second day done and I feel great. I had to pause the workout several times: to wake up the boys, comb their hair, sign papers, and watch them at the busstop. Now, it is 9:10 am. My workout is done. I've had a healthy breakfast and I'm headed to the shower. I wish all mornings could start just like this.

Monday, January 21, 2008

21 Miles in 7 Days!!!

Last week I was really tired and emotionally drained. I struggled with my diet plans and exercise goals and dealing with life in general. So, I took the week off and took a couple naps. Today, I finally exercised again. I did the 3 Fast Miles DVD by Leslie Sansone. It really lifted my mood and my energy level. It is amazing to me that exercise doesn't make me very tired. It makes me smile and laugh with my kids and feel like a different person.
I am DETERMINED to do this DVD each day for 7 consecutive days. So here goes......

Monday 1/21-3 miles!!!
Tuesday 1/22-3 miles!!!
Wednesday 1/23-3 miles!!!
1 mile run on the treadmill
1 mile walk on the treadmill
Thursday 1/24-3 miles!!!
stretching workout with Sylvia

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Grounding Teenagers

Whose bright idea was that???? Sure we ground them and then all they can do is hang out with us??? I had to revoke Jessica's driving privileges for 3 days. So, who do you think is getting up to drive her to seminary??? That's right. Poor little ole me. Oh, what I suffer! :)

Sylvia's Walk at Home workout

I have done Sylvia's Walk at Home workouts 3 times now and let me just say they kick my hiney!!!! They are hard. I really like them because the steps are not complicated, so we can talk and goof off and still do the workout. Sylvia lent me one of the DVDs and I did a "2 mile workout" today. It was hard and fun. The kids kept getting in the way. But I only knocked Jared down twice and stepped on his hand once. That's pretty good right?

Monday, January 7, 2008

A 5K today

Jessica called me at 6:45 to tell me she had locked her keys in the car. I was not happy to hear this as I had been deep in sleep when the phone rang. So, I dragged myself out of bed and went to check on Mikayla. She had overslept and had to hustle to catch the bus. I drove to the high school to let Jess in her car and got to meet her friend Michaela who totalled her car last week and needed to car pool with Jessica out to Butler Tech.

I didn't get back home in time to see Mikayla before she left for school, buuuuuuuut I was already up and dressed so I headed for the dreadmill.

I RAN 3.1 miles today. My total today (with a bit of walking to warm up and cool down) was 3.2 miles in 41:39 minutes. This was accomplished with help from Abbey and Cassie for being motivating, Sylvia for being my workout buddy and by my determination to log 100 miles by April 1st. Thanks also to Jen Livingston for posting about her 7 pound weight loss. (very helpful)

It is over an hour since I finished my run and my face is still nice and warm and a little red. What a great way to start the day!!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008


11 REASONS WHY I LOVE HEATHER (I couldn't stop at 10)

1. She knows good chocolate and is always willing to share. (at least I think so, she could be hiding her stash. If she is, then I respect her even more.)

2. She is incredibly talented. (and incredibly humble.)

3. She is not easily offended and gives people the benefit of the doubt.

4. She draws really cool cartoon people.

5. She loves Mexican food as much as I do.

6. She loves to read.

7. She knows all about the Force.

8. She helps other mothers all the time by watching their kids for them and seems happy to do it!!!! (amazing, isn't it?)

9. She has a great sense of humor and a great laugh to match it.

10. She has a wonderful listening ear and is very supportive.

11. Most of all I love Heather because she is such a good friend.

As Eeyore would say, "Many happy returns." I hope you have a fabulous birthday Heather!!!!! You are the best!

When You Can't Sleep

The past 2 nights have been a bit dreadful as far as sleeping goes. My thoughts are whirling around as I try to solve my problems and those problems belonging to others I know. (this is not a productive exercise) So, I try to redirect my crazy mind to things I enjoy and so I design cards or scrapbook pages in my head. My current favorite is a re-do of a Christmas card with baby Jesus on it.
So, my question for all of you is:
What things do you think about to cheer yourself up?