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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Flood

Why is it that life is one step forward and one step back......Oh wait, that's supposed to be two steps forward.......Well, it feels like just one right now!! :P

I went to my craft show on Saturday and as many of you know it was just "okay". I made back my booth fee and a little bit more. Mikayla and I had a great time visiting with the other crafters. We met some really nice people! and we had fun hanging out together. I did learn a lot about craft shows and may try another later this month since I have a lot of cards ready to sell and supposedly Saturday's show was bad just because their were more crafters than shoppers!!!!

Yesterday morning I went downstairs to find the humongous pile of laundry that had accumulated as I stamped cards all last week. Let's just say that the leaning tower of Pisa (sp?) can be recreated in no time at my house!
I had promised myself (and Shane) that I would get the house back together this week including getting the laundry caught up. I virtuously began separating the clothes into their appropriate bins (organized by colors and washing temperature) and started the first load. Unfortunately, within 5 minutes the disaster occurred.

I slipped on a brand-new stream of water coming from under my washing machine. Yes, my washing machine had overflowed. The darn thing has truly passed away. It doesn't want to spin another load again. It also doesn't shut off when it has reached the appropriate water level. Let's just say I had lots of water escaping from it's designated location and heading for the floor drain near the furnace. (I've had my doubts about the wisdom of indoor plumbing for years and this just confirms them.....I mean, overflowing toilets, sinks, dishwashers, busted pipes.....who needs them?) So, all day I watched, babied, and cajoled my machine just to get a few desperately needed loads washed. (I only got 4-5 done.) This does not make a DENT in the amount of clothes I wash each week. But, I can guarantee clean underwear, socks, jeans, and t-shirts for a day at least.

Shane came home last night he declared the official time of death at 8:30. So, I have been given the assignment to search Craigslist for a new washing machine (CHEAP!) so my beloved husband can go forth with an appliance dolly and his work van and (as conquering hero) deliver a working washer to his fair maiden.......AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Beast

No, I'm not talking about Shane!!!! The Beast is my affectionate nickname for our computer in the family room. It doesn't seem like we've had it that long, but it is slow and it hates me. But, our laptop (affectionately known as the Beastie) has suddenly turned retarded. It doesn't know it can get on the internet. So, my blogging addiction has been denied for weeks! I have little energy to drag myself down to the family room and sit in a hard chair at the computer desk at 11:30 at night to write or read! Tonight, I was helping Jessica get her papers ready to submit to the National Honor Society (they've invited her to apply) and I'm up late so I thought I would explain my lack of participation in the blogging world.

My craft show is this Saturday. I have approximately 400 cards to sell. I still need to buy envelopes and make labels to attach to my baggies with an email address and phone number for re-orders. (I hope there will be re-orders.) So, besides my agonizing deprivation of the joys of a laptop computer, I have been stamping my heart out, and keeping up with the boys' soccer schedules, oh, and cleaning houses for cash! Yipee! Hope all your blogs are still as wonderful as ever. I hope to read them again after Saturday!!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Top 10 Countdown of Why I Love My Sister Jocelyn

10. She has a naughty sense of humor.

9. She loves animals and I admire her devotion to her pets. (No, they can't be sealed in the temple to you Jocelyn!)

8. She enjoys shopping at Half Price Books as much as I do. (And spends more $ than me there! hee hee)

7. She knows that she deserves to go to the spa and hair salon every so often and be pampered!

6. She appreciates great Hibachi cuisine and took me to have some with her family the last time I was in Texas.

5. She has a beautiful singing voice. (I LOVE to sing with my sisters and mom!)

4. She listens to my "funny" stories and even laughs at them. (or at me.....whatever!)
3. She listens to my whining......more often than I care to admit.

2. She is my cheerleader. She believes in me and encourages me.

1. drum roll please......She has great taste in sisters!!!!!!! Just ask me...or Sheralyn!