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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Top 10 Countdown of Why I Love My Sister Jocelyn

10. She has a naughty sense of humor.

9. She loves animals and I admire her devotion to her pets. (No, they can't be sealed in the temple to you Jocelyn!)

8. She enjoys shopping at Half Price Books as much as I do. (And spends more $ than me there! hee hee)

7. She knows that she deserves to go to the spa and hair salon every so often and be pampered!

6. She appreciates great Hibachi cuisine and took me to have some with her family the last time I was in Texas.

5. She has a beautiful singing voice. (I LOVE to sing with my sisters and mom!)

4. She listens to my "funny" stories and even laughs at them. (or at me.....whatever!)
3. She listens to my whining......more often than I care to admit.

2. She is my cheerleader. She believes in me and encourages me.

1. drum roll please......She has great taste in sisters!!!!!!! Just ask me...or Sheralyn!



chelle said...

Aww how sweet Happy Bday Jocelyn. I don't know ya but hear about you A LOT. (and have seen you in passing at church when you have visited)
Hope you had a good one and know what a great sis you have! We sure love her!! :D

:P, corrie said...

Your forgot that's "She's so Pretty!" We love Jocelyn too, I know that her phone calls can make your day better, maybe she should call me too!

jocelynsark said...

Aw, I was wondering where the Pretty part was gonna come in too! You are awesome Maura, I feel so special!

Papa D said...

Personally, I like #10.