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Sunday, September 30, 2007

We call her Pretty Pretty Princess!

And I'll tell you why! I did her hair and we were really hustling to get it done in time! It took over an hour! While I was curling, spraying, and pinning her hair, she sat in a chair and made her royal requests.

"Mikayla, go downstairs and get my dress. Please."

"Mikayla, go downstairs and get my jewelry."

"Mikayla, go downstairs and get my shoes. Please."

Yes, your royal hiney. I mean highness! :)

AND she kept admiring her beautiful fingernails that she had done at the mall. (They really WERE gorgeous.)

Mikayla and I had a good laugh at how Princess Jessica was so demanding. Mik had her sweet revenge by bringing up macrame style jewelry while hiding the pretty silver jewelry Jess was planning on wearing. Mikayla also brought in an assortment of winter scarves to cover Jessica up a little bit more! And Jessica has promised to be Mikayla's servant when Mikayla gets ready for her first formal dance.

We three girls really had a great time getting Jess all gussied up. Her date, Zack Baker, got here a few minutes early and we still weren't done with her hair! So, he had to cool his heels in the living room for 10 minutes with Mikayla and Jared entertaining him. (Jared's nose was running! Not nice! But, kind of funny!)

I insisted on going down the stairs first (so I could watch Zack's reaction when Jessica came down). When she walked in the room he said "Wow" under his breath. It was so cute. They had a wonderful time on their date. Especially when they went to goof off in Target after their nice dinner at Johnny Carino's. At Target they tried on boots, cowboy hats, and Halloween masks! Zack told me Jessica even started riding a scooter up and down the aisles. (That story is uncorroborated.)

They stopped at the Village Green (a park) to walk around and take pictures and then stopped at UDF to have ice cream. They had a nice time seeing their friends at the dance, but the music was horrible and the dancing vulgar! Jessica and Zack are thinking a church dance will be more fun.

After the dance, they went to a friends' house (Claire) and then Zack brought her back home and we visited with them (including Mikayla) for a half hour or so. It was lots of fun for us to visit and get to hear all the fun details of their evening!


Leslie said...

She IS a pretty, pretty princess! And what a cool mom you are! My mom never did my hair for any occasion after fourth grade! And, I certainly don't recall ever bringing my date in for a chat with my parents afterward! Way to go Maura!

:P, corrie said...

All I can think of is, You're So Pretty! What a neat night for your family, everyone got to help! You know how I love Target, those pics are cool.

Papa D said...

Tell her that it's not just her mom who thinks she looked beautiful. Of course, that's nothing new.

Pampered Princess said...

Thanks Leslie! You know I really didn't think about the chatting after. We've just been doing it. It makes me feel a lot more comfortable with the whole dating thing!

Corrie!!!! NO! YOUR'RE so pretty!!!!!
You crack me up!

lou said...

It looks like your princess is learning form the very best! No- really, she is a beautiful young woman. It was great to see all the girls dressed up today. I'm so happy (specially being the mom of a teenage BOY). I LOVE the girls sticking to their standards. Target can be a blast!!!

Mama D said...

Thanks for posting this. The time on the hair was well worth it! Jessica showed me some pics after church today, but it was fun to read the details from mom's perspective. And I agree: the chat afterwards thing is pretty cool! Tell Jessica she looked spectacular!

chelle said...

Maura~ I will be needing to take your dating101 class soon.
Jessica looked beautiful (as usual..she's a hottie) and you did a great job on the hair! I am very impressed.

The Wife said...

Wait! What!??! Jessica is old enough to date?!?! When did that happen?? Wow! Things happen too fast when you leave.
Honey, you looked beautiful! I'm glad you had a great time! (Oh, and your date was a hunk too!)

Love you guys dearly!
Laura (Moore) Hawley

Dory said...

Jessica looked fabulous! and I loved Mikayla's sense of humor! What a great way to handle being Cinderella!
P.S. I meant to make no correlation to Jessica being an evil sister in any way!

heather said...

You did a great job on the alterations and her hair. It must be nice to have your girl sit still to do her hair. You know I actually don't feel so old and boring now. Kevin and I on our dates often end up at Target. I thought that was pretty sad but apparently that is a hip and happening thing to do.

Shayleen Lunt said...

I'm pretty pumped about being able to tell Aaron that it's actually a cool thing to go shopping on dates. I always make the suggestion and am quickly vetoed (sp?).
Jessica looks beautiful. Her hair looked so great on Sunday too...she must not have slept sitting up. I never noticed how blue her eyes and Shane should maybe invest in a gun?