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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bye-bye High Chair

My high chair is outside on the curb waiting for the garbage truck. For the first time in over 16 years, my house will have no high chair in it. It's a little sad, but I am so tired of tripping over it and walking around it, that I am extremely happy to let it go. It was a gift from Shane's mom when Tanner was born and has served us very well for the last 4 kids. But, it is SO COOL to be able to say "so long" to the baby years. It has been a long 16 1/2 years of babyhood!!!! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Unexpected Blessings

Sometimes in life you have to do something you don't exactly want to do. I needed to go to work last September to help get some bills paid. So, I tried to get a job at the Y, but they weren't hiring for the position I wanted. Instead, as most of you know, I started cleaning houses. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. :)

I work for 3 of the best women ever! Jean Pace is a great lady who is unbelievably talented!!! She inspired me to try crocheting with thread. While I was laid up after hurting my back I got a whole doily done!!! I have really come to love Jean. It is so true that you learn to love the ones you serve.

Then, there is Sylvia. She's been a friend of mine for years, but I never made time to hang out with her on a regular basis. Now, we exercise together every week and sometimes I work a little! She is so wise and an absolute BLAST to be around!!!

Last, is Linda. We talk about life, kids, money, etc. I love to clean her house. It stays so clean. There aren't any little kids messing up everything I do!!!

I had no idea when I started working again that I would end up with so many blessings. These three women make me feel wonderful. The additional money has helped with our bills, but even better has been my time with three people I love. Heavenly Father is so wise.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Super Saturday

I love the adult session of Stake Conference! Tonight was no exception. First, I got to pick Shane up at the stake center and we went to Subway! It was PACKED with Mormons! We saw the Jungkunzes (how should I spell that?), the DeGraws, Mike Lysle, Tom Westfall, Jerry Flyr, and 3 other LDS people I didn't know! After eating, we went back for the meeting. I love our stake presidency. They are the best! At first, I started feeling "the guilt". The first topic was family history. Like I have time for that! But, President Weisman told us all about the new and improved streamlined method of preparing names for the temple! TOO COOL! We learned about missionary work. Again, the guilt. But, it was very spiritual and motivating! Finally, family preparedness. Luckily, we're making some decent strides in that area. So, the guilt faded quickly. After the meeting, things just kept getting better. I got to visit with Jen Livingston (great fun), Mayde Robertson, the Striebecks, etc! Then we headed to UDF and had ice cream with 5 other couples. It was a blast. Everybody was so funny! We heard lawyer jokes (told by real lawyers), girls' camp and scout camp stories, and accounts of getting speeding tickets and getting out of speeding tickets. The whole evening was really nice and a great night out!!!! I can't wait to do it again.

Pain in the Back

So, last Saturday I took a step wrong while skipping down my stairs. I wrenched my back and have spent the week trying to HEAL! I'm so sick of my heating pad! I haven't been able to exercise, do much laundry, or work a whole lot. But, I'm feeling a bit better and I'm thrilled. The best part of the week was the many times Hunter put his arm around my shoulders and said "I hope your back gets better soon Mom." I love my boys.