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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Super Saturday

I love the adult session of Stake Conference! Tonight was no exception. First, I got to pick Shane up at the stake center and we went to Subway! It was PACKED with Mormons! We saw the Jungkunzes (how should I spell that?), the DeGraws, Mike Lysle, Tom Westfall, Jerry Flyr, and 3 other LDS people I didn't know! After eating, we went back for the meeting. I love our stake presidency. They are the best! At first, I started feeling "the guilt". The first topic was family history. Like I have time for that! But, President Weisman told us all about the new and improved streamlined method of preparing names for the temple! TOO COOL! We learned about missionary work. Again, the guilt. But, it was very spiritual and motivating! Finally, family preparedness. Luckily, we're making some decent strides in that area. So, the guilt faded quickly. After the meeting, things just kept getting better. I got to visit with Jen Livingston (great fun), Mayde Robertson, the Striebecks, etc! Then we headed to UDF and had ice cream with 5 other couples. It was a blast. Everybody was so funny! We heard lawyer jokes (told by real lawyers), girls' camp and scout camp stories, and accounts of getting speeding tickets and getting out of speeding tickets. The whole evening was really nice and a great night out!!!! I can't wait to do it again.


Jen said...

It was so fun chatting last night, Maura! Glad to hear you're feeling on the mend. Wow - you really made the most of the adult session. You go!

I know just what you mean about "the guilt." Brandon joked, "It's a good thing I didn't waste time learning the old way of doing family history work." :-) I'm thinking the new way will be way easier for us. I can't handle 15 steps.

chelle said...

Sounds like you had a great time!
I am sorry I missed it--guilt guilt guilt!! UGH!
Where ever you are Maura- the fun follows. :D

Mama D said...

It was lots of fun! What a great night of fun and inspiration!

(I would spell it Jungkunz'... maybe?!)

Papa D said...

I would spell it Mike and Teresa.

carrie said...

uh ray...that's theresa. silly english language.

yea, i didn't make it either chelle and you sure make me wish i did princess. sounds like you had enough fun for the both of us!

Dory said...

I love nights like that! I wish I could have been there. Maybe next time.