Current Exercise and Weight Loss Goals

Monday, June 25, 2007

Family Home Evening Idea

My current favorite FHE idea was supplied by Jessica (from a fireside by Glenn Unklesbay).
It's called HEADLINE NEWS.

Jessica has a spiral bound notebook that she brings to FHE for HEADLINE NEWS. She writes the date and then asks each family member (we go from youngest to oldest) to tell us what the best thing was that happened to them over the last week. Or they just tell something they enjoyed that occurred (or it can be bad news). Jessica writes down their news in the notebook and with very little work you end up with a fabulous Family Journal. It has given Jessica her own responsibility for FHE and it gives us all a chance to enjoy each others accomplishments, fun, and even commiserate when things aren't so great (like Jessica getting a tick in the woods--Blech!!!). We've celebrated school awards and Young Women accomplishments. We even celebrated when Savannah's hair was finally long enough for a ponytail!!! This week we each shared our favorite things we did in Pennsylvania. (Hunter's favorite was our was mine!)


Wow! 6 days in Pennsylvania! We had a marvelous time. We cooked over a fire a few times, went swimming in a lake, went hiking, watched movies (Star Wars), did jigsaw puzzles, and more.

One of the things I enjoyed the most was the 3 1/2 hour hike we took. We were lost..... Shane used to hike down off the mountain to camp when he was a teen. However, he just can't seem to find the easy way anymore. Last year, he took 4 of the kids and they ended up walking down a full creek for the last 45 minutes or so, trying to find their way back to camp. For that reason, Jessica and Mikayla have said they aren't hiking with Dad ever again!!!!

I bought Shane a handheld GPS for, I wasn't too afraid to hike with him this year. We had so much fun. The logging road we started out on was still not the right one. We always new where camp was, we just couldn't exactly find a simple was to get there. We hiked through brambles, down steep slopes of brush and pushed our way through dense areas of new saplings. But, I got to have one-on-one time with my son, Hunter.

It was fabulous. As many of you know, Hunter came into this world CRANKY!!! I don't know why he arrived that way, but it taught me that each baby is most definitely born with their own spirit. Hunter needed lots of instruction, I needed lots of prayer. But, he has come so far. He is absolutely delightful. Unfortunately, part of my current mothering challenge is trying to give individual attention to my kids. Hunter is always hungry. He can eat like none of my other children have at the age of 6. So, much of our conversations revolve around Hunter asking for more food. I am so busy with my "work", that I haven't taken time to enjoy Hunter's personality beyond his constant need for nourishment.

On our hike, Hunter and I often ended up at the back of our group. He was so cute. He was using my binoculars and pretending he was a Rescue Hero. When we were "lost", he kept getting on his pretend radio and called for help!!! He kept telling the other Rescue Heroes that he needed an "aerial rescue". But, they never did help us!!! At one point a plane flew over us and I joked that the Rescue Heroes were coming. Hunter "called" to them, but he said they turned their radio off. We started joking that they were the Rescue Heroes that "don't do anything" (similiar to the Pirates who don't do anything on VeggieTales!!)

The reason I enjoyed seeing Hunter's imagination at work is because at this age my kids are usually embarrassed when you "catch" them playing. He didn't care that I was watching and playing along. His smile was so sweet and I loved being his hiking buddy. I hope I can keep those images in my mind for a long time!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

This is Jessica taking over Mom's blog!! MWHAHAH!!! lol Thank you Corrie for the lyrics to the ... "Proud of You" song... unless it has a different name. And I'm glad I qualify as your hero Leslie!! I've always wanted to be someones Hero and passing my test was a great way to do it! lol
well i guess i can give back mom the computer.. she is on a deadline after all thanks to Corrie. :-D

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Good day today, but no real time to log a decent entry. Here are the highlights:


2) I walked 2.5 miles in 41:45 minutes. I am aiming for 25 minutes of cardio a day, but I really hit my stride at 1.6 mi., so I just went for it. Changed my goal to 40 minutes, but when I got to 40 I was almost to the 2.5 mile mark, so of course I kept going. My movie (Princess Diaries 2) was at a good part, but I forced myself to save the rest for tomorrow. I'm so grateful for my treadmill!!!!

5 workouts done!!!!! 12 to go!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007


The first thing I saw this morning when I opened my eyes was lots of bright pink fur..... Yes, it was a bright pink bunny in a sequined pink ballerina tutu. That could only mean one thing. Savannah was in my bed again and she had brought a friend. When Shane leaves for work at about 3 am, that is Savannah's cure to jump in bed and save his spot. Luckily, I was able to roll over and forget the bunny. When I woke up later, the bunny and Savannah were gone.

My day passed very quickly. Drove Jessica to Sharonville to practice driving for her drivers' exam tomorrow morning. Hope she passes this time.

At 5 minutes to eleven tonight, I realized I had not exercised!!!!! ARRRRGGGG!!!! So as not to disappoint all of you (and embarrass myself) I grabbed my walking shoes and headed for the basement. Hit the treadmill and walked for 26 minutes, completing 1.5 miles!!! Yea, now I can go to bed.

Oh, by the way, I found my thigh muscles......They were KILLING ME yesterday. I was SO SORE from running that mile on Saturday. I'm not sure how I made it down the stairs yesterday morning to get Jared a bottle, I was so stiff!!!!


Saturday, June 9, 2007

Runnin in the sun

Due to a little twist in my plans today, I ended up driving near the lake where I first started running. I was in workout clothes because I had planned to hit the treadmill when I got back home. On a whim, I decided to try to run around the lake. Hmmmm....WHAT WAS I THINKING????

I started out strong and died at the 1 mile mark. I ended up walking the last 6 tenths of a mile.
So, after not running for a year and a half due to my last pregnancy and childbirth, I cannot run around that blasted lake!!!!!

But, the positive news is that I ran that mile in 11 minutes. When I first started running several years ago, I couldn't even run a tenth of a mile at a time.
Thus, my great plan to run around the lake was not total failure. I see where my fitness level is. And as my dear husband pointed out, I'm not actually starting at the beginning again.

And, I accomplished my third workout towards my goal. 14 to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Ditch Paris and TAKE ME!!!!

I have 6 is potty training (badly) is addicted to is getting her drivers eats all day is still taking a bottle....and one.....hmmm....I can't think of anything challenging with Mikayla.....Oh yeah! is a night owl!!!! The dishes, the laundry, the endless questions, the meals, the clutter......!!!

Can I take Paris' place? Solitary confinement........? I saw video of a jail cell on Fox news. Paris gets her own sink and toilet????? Is this fair???? Let Paris come be a mother for 45 days and then we'll really see some tears!!!!!

Actually, she doesn't come close to deserving what I have. Can you beat those sloppy wet kisses from a 10 month old? Can you beat seeing those eyes light up when you bring home pizza? I love my kids and Paris can't have them!

I have a blog?????

I never thought I would have one. But, I have so enjoyed reading my friends' (Corrie and Leslie's) blogs that I thought I would try it out!

The first week of summer is always the best! Sleeping in, (despite all my poor neglected children scrounging for food), the smell of sunscreen, and finding wet towels everywhere. Okay, the wet towels aren't that great.

My flowers are looking great. Found my first open blossom on my red rose bush. It is beautiful. I have finally learned to stop and smell the roses. I love to stop on the way in or out of the house and admire them.

Got 2.5 miles done on the treadmill this morning in 42 minutes. I ran a little, but mostly walked it. Wish I was really running again. I look in the mirror and don't see myself. I see a chubby faced lady who is getting older. I want to feel like an athlete again. I want thigh muscles again. So, I'm working on getting 17 cardio workouts in by the end of June. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep this up even while we are on vacation. I've gotten my first two workouts done already. I have my sights set on running the 10K in downtown Cincinnati on Thanksgiving morning.

Headed for a well deserved HOT SHOWER!!!

Looking for a slice of running heaven in 2007!