Current Exercise and Weight Loss Goals

Monday, August 3, 2009

Fat Shirts

I just threw away 3 of my old "fat" shirts. It's hard to get rid of them because I still am still so far away from my ultimate goal. I've been stuck at approximately the same weight for 9 months and I'm a bit discouraged. However, I have slowly been getting some smaller size shirts and it's so exciting to fit into clothes that are more flattering. I don't want to hang onto those shirts because they are a reminder of myself 20 pounds heavier and I don't want to ever go back there. So today, I let them go.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pink Princess Racing's Fall Racing Schedule

Mikayla needs to get back to running in time to compete with the cross country team at the high school. So, this morning we headed back to Winton Woods to run 2 laps. I knew I wouldn't be able to run the whole way, but I was disappointed in how hard it was. I ended up running a 10th of a mile then walking a 10th of a mile. I haven't run much since May. So, I guess it is no surpise that my running has suffered. But, I have made a commitment to take Mikayla running the next two mornings and then take her to run a 5K this Saturday. For the next 3 weeks we plan on going out 4-5 times a week. We've got to get going because I LOVE RACING IN THE FALL!

This is a list of our Fall Races:

The Black Squirrel 5K: Sept 26th $10 fee
The Run for the Nuns 5K: Oct 3rd $20
The Turkey Trot 5K: Nov 19th $15
The Thanksgiving Day Race 10K: Nov 26th $45

These prices are the "pre-registration" prices. I have info/websites for these races if anyone would like to join Pink Princess Racing at any of these events.

Each of these races has both running and walking divisions. If you need a goal to help keep you motivated to exercise, pick a race and come do it with us. I love Pink Princess Racing. It is our informal racing group. We encourage each other, compete with each other, cheer for each other, and love each other!

If you have never participated in a 5K and you are nervous, talk to one of us and we will tell you everything you need to know. People of all sizes do these races. You don't have to be a skinny minnie to come hang out with us! (But, we accept Skinny Minnies too!)

A 5K is 3.2 miles.
A 10K is 6.4 miles.

My favorite race is the Thanksgiving Day Race. You get up early on Thanksgiving Day and head downtown. It is a HUGE race with tons of people. When you are done you have burned a bunch of calories and can enjoy your turkey and gravy GUILT-FREE!

See you at the FINISH LINE!

(That's me in the pink finishing the Flying Pig 10K. See, not skinny....still running)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jared's Trip to the Hospital

In April, Jared fell down the deck steps at Shane's parents' house. The next day, I decided I better take him to the pediatrician to see if his collarbone was broken. On the way there, he started breathing really funny. Dr. Manfroy looked him over and said his collarbone was definitely broken, but the bigger problem was his breathing, either Jared was having an asthma attack or his lung was punctured from the fall the previous day. Dr. Manfroy told me to take him straight to the hospital!

It was a rough ride to the hospital. Jared kept choking on gunk in his throat and then dozing off. I wasn't sure if he was sleeping or losing consciousness due to lack of oxygen. I finally found Children's Hospital downtown and rushed him in.

The doctor had called ahead and so a trauma unit was waiting. All of a sudden, Jared was on an exam bed and about a dozen people were around him and me. They got an IV going and had a mask on him, giving him a breathing treatment. Jared kept screaming, "I wanna go home now!" I kept telling him I did too, but we had to help him get better. They needed to give him liquid steroids and asked me if I wanted to give it to him. You BET I did! I sat on the bed with him, held him, and gave him the steroids to open his breathing passages. The doctors brought in a portable X-ray machine and X-rayed his chest right on the bed.

They determined that his lung was not punctured, but he was having a severe asthma attack. We ended up spending the night at Children's Hospital. Jared had breathing treatments every hour at first and eventually it stretched to every four hours. When that happened, they let us go home.

Before we left the hospital, I asked if I could see his chest X-rays. It was so weird to me that he had a broken collarbone, but no one seemed to care about it. Their whole focus was his breathing problem. If fact, Jared was not put in a brace or anything. His collarbone just healed on its own over then next 4 weeks.

Our pediatrician put Jared on children's Claritin for the next month to help control his allergies and that has helped keep the asthma under control. For several weeks, I didn't have to give him a breathing treatment. While my parents were here 2 weeks ago, Jared was coughing up a storm and did have to take albuterol a few times. But, he is doing great. All in all, the whole experience left me even more grateful that our children have been so healthy. And I was thrilled with the staff at Children's Hospital. They took very good care of us.

Jared in the emergency room having a breathing treatment.

Me holding Jared between breathing treatments.

Jared didn't always like putting on the mask, so Shane took a turn!

Jared getting another chest X-ray.

Still in the emergency room. Jared was playing with his cars. Bobbye brought Mikayla down with an overnight bag for me and Jared's precious cars.

This is Jared in his little hospital gown in his hospital room. He wanted me to sleep with him part of the night in his bed. I got about 40 minutes sleep that night.

This is a stuffed fox that the emergency room staff brought to Jared to help him calm down. At first, he hated it. Later that night he had relaxed and came to love it. He named him Foxy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

On Sunday, we had our very first Easter dinner in this house and it was wonderful.

Ron and Diane came to dinner. The kids were so excited when they rang the doorbell. Jared ran up to Diane and said, "I miss you!" over and over!
All the kids helped with the cooking and cleaning and we even had the table set before we left for church!
As we sat down for dinner, I looked at the table and realized how many people actually contributed to it. Ron and Diane brought the ham, veggie tray, and dessert. Bobbye gave us the dining room table and chairs, and the beautiful crystal pitcher holding the water. Three of the bowls on the table were inherited from my Aunt Mary a few years ago. Jessica gave me a gift card so I could buy this new tablecloth after Christmas. I bought the glass goblets and white cloth napkins on the recommendation of my friend Sherrill. One of the crystal bowls was a wedding gift. And best of all I pulled out some of my Grandma Schofield's silver to use to serve side dishes!!! It's amazing to me how many different people bless our lives day to day and sometimes we don't even realize it.
My testimony of the Savior continues to grow. This Easter Sunday I was again grateful for my Father in Heaven who sent his Son to earth so that my family can be together forever. Because, after everything else, that's all that really matters.

10 Reasons Why I Love My Dad

1) He loves his family more than anything in the world and shows it.

2) He is brave and adventurous. He travels in and out of the United States and doesn't seem to have any fear of doing it alone. I admire that quaility a lot!

3) He likes to read and introduced me to some great books in my youth. My favorites: the James Herriot books.

4) He made sure we went on nice family vacations. We went home to Colorado to see family, visited Branson Missouri, Natchez Mississippi, California, the Grand Canyon, etc. Dad likes to spend time with us. One of my favorite memories of my dad is when he was planning to take my brother, Theo, on the motorcycle up in the mountains for an overnight campout. I begged to be included and so we took the car and went. The next morning, Dad fried bacon and then cooked potatoes and eggs in the bacon grease. It was DELICIOUS. I can still remember how cool the mountain air was, the sunrise beaming through the trees and that amazing breakfast.... YUM!

5) Dad always made sure we had what we needed as kids. We didn't always get what we "wanted", but we got what we needed!

6) He took me out for Jack in the Box breakfasts on Saturday if I got out of bed early enough. Not always easy when I was a teenager.

7) I learned my love of flower gardening from my dad. He taught me how to compost at an early age. In Texas, he and I did the front flower beds together. I remember my sister Sheralyn volunteering to do the inside work on Saturdays, but I liked to be outside. (Okay, I didn't like to work outside when it was hot, which is a lot of the time in Texas. Dad may have had to drag me out of the house more than I remember.) We still talk about our flowers. He has a great rose garden!

8) Dad is a big train enthusiast. He knows all about steam trains and has passed that love on to several of my children.

9) He taught me how to swing a hammer. Dad had us kids help build the fence along our property in South Jordan, Utah. We didn't finish by the time we moved and I can't say we did the best job, but I know how to hammer and even helped Shane roof our last house.

10) Most of all I love my dad because he loves me. I wish I lived closer to him so I could goof off with him or work alongside him like the old days!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yesterday) DAD!!! You are the best dad any girl could ever have!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Day

I'm excited today because I realized that I am 20 pounds lighter today than I was a year ago on this date! I still have a long way to go to my ultimate goal, but I am definitely getting there. I have been at approximately the same weight for several months, but I think I'm going to break through this plateau soon!

Now the plan is to lose 8 more pounds before May 2nd. It is a very ambitious goal, but that is the weekend of the Flying Pig 10K and 5K and I can't wait! Our Pink Princess racing team is getting ready to FLYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dave Ramsey Financial Class

Dear Friends,
I am just putting in a plug for the Financial Peace University class being taught at church on Thursday nights. Shane and I took this class last year at Rolling Hills Baptist Church and it is AWESOME!!!! Even if you feel you have good control over your finances, this class is chock full of good information. Plus, Dave Ramsey is incredibly entertaining. During each class, we watched a DVD by Dave and we came away excited about gaining control of our money. I STRONGLY encourage you to take the class if at all possible.

Brother Jewell in the Hamilton Ward is teaching this class and its starting soon.....the 19th or the 26th. (I'm not sure which.) You don't want to miss it!!!!
Shane and I are planning on coming to a couple classes just for a refresher. They are SO GOOD.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Michael's Baptism

What a great weekend! Dad came up to visit and attend Michael's baptism. It was standing room only in the Relief Society room Saturday night. I couldn't believe how many people came. Lots of friends came, Shane's parents came, and several people I didn't even recognize. Glenn Unklesbay spoke and had great insight on joining the church as a teenager. Chris, Michael's brother, baptized Michael. That was really cool. Chris joined the church last year and was honored to be the one to baptize his "little" brother. Michael's mom, dad, and grandparents also came. They are really fun people and "grandpa" had us all laughing when he started acting up during the picture taking. (Wouldn't you know my camera died just when he got silly! I hope to get copies.)

Chris, Michael, and Shane (he confirmed Michael in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday.)
After the baptism, Michael and Chris came up with "M is for Mormon"!
Darlene (Michael's mom), Michael, his grandparents (so sweet), Chris, and Mark (Michael's dad) in the church foyer after the baptism.
Our families went out together to McDonalds for a little celebratory ice cream. Things got a little messy!
Jared got really sticky by the time this ice cream was gone.

Grandpa Schofield got a great seat at the kids' table. Next to Hunter on the left is Alanna, a neighbor friend.)
We noticed that all the little kids had left the table and Grandpa was all alone. (He was really okay with that.) Mikayla was worried about him and went over to rescue him. I can't believe this is the only picture I got of Jessica before my camera battery died.
What a great night!
p.s. For those of you who might not know, Michael is Jessica's boyfriend and a real sweetheart. He's like a big brother to all our other kids. We love him!