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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

On Sunday, we had our very first Easter dinner in this house and it was wonderful.

Ron and Diane came to dinner. The kids were so excited when they rang the doorbell. Jared ran up to Diane and said, "I miss you!" over and over!
All the kids helped with the cooking and cleaning and we even had the table set before we left for church!
As we sat down for dinner, I looked at the table and realized how many people actually contributed to it. Ron and Diane brought the ham, veggie tray, and dessert. Bobbye gave us the dining room table and chairs, and the beautiful crystal pitcher holding the water. Three of the bowls on the table were inherited from my Aunt Mary a few years ago. Jessica gave me a gift card so I could buy this new tablecloth after Christmas. I bought the glass goblets and white cloth napkins on the recommendation of my friend Sherrill. One of the crystal bowls was a wedding gift. And best of all I pulled out some of my Grandma Schofield's silver to use to serve side dishes!!! It's amazing to me how many different people bless our lives day to day and sometimes we don't even realize it.
My testimony of the Savior continues to grow. This Easter Sunday I was again grateful for my Father in Heaven who sent his Son to earth so that my family can be together forever. Because, after everything else, that's all that really matters.


Patty said...

What a beautiful Easter! I enjoyed all the pics!

Mama D said...

What a wonderful Easter! So many memories of so many amazing friends and family. You are indeed blessed!

chelle said...

Looks amazing! Great pics. :)

ANTSYLLI said...

Loved your post. I am so thankful for the important people in my life, too. Just in case you didn't know...that's you!