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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lost Links

I am so mad!!! I tried a new format for my blog and lost all my links to my friend's blogs. So, Friends, be patient with me as I try to find all of you again!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


My kids like to line things up! (Mikayla lined up everything, even Halloween candy.) Now, it's Jared's turn. He is currently in a "CARS" phase. Luckily, CARS is one of my favorite movies!

He carries his cars around in an old wipes box with Lightning McQueen on it. He takes the cars to bed with him, he gets them out and lines them up on the kitchen counter while he watches the CARS movie, or eats his meals.

Here, he's got them all lined up on my bed. So cute! Of course, where did Jared get this love for cars???? Duh! Have you met my husband??? :) We call him Limoshane!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Biggest Loser Blog

I've decided it would be fun for those of us who are competing in 2008 Health Challenge to have a place to check in every day and report how you are doing. So, I set one up and here is the address:

p.s. you don't have to be doing the 2008 Health Challenge/Biggest Loser Game to post your workouts!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Days are HERE Again!!!!

My treadmill is ALIVE!!!! It just needed a good cleaning and a lube job. Shane is recovering from a procedure on his knee, so I had to do it with him watching and coaching. It runs BEAUTIFULLY!!! I had to get on it and run/walk 4 miles tonight!

I'm so happy!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Outside the Box

I have been working for a friend of Sylvia's, named Sherrill, for several months. I began working for her to help her clean out and organize her basement. Sherrill likes to have her friends over for dinner and games fairly often, so she has lots of really nice "party" things like fun serving dishes, a large trifle dish, serving platters, etc. Now, here's the problem, Sherrill needed some shelves to store all these nice things on! For months, she and I have struggled with this problem because the shelves she wanted are sold in big 100 pound boxes and were not yet in her basement. They were still at Costco. We have tried several times to arrange things so she could buy the shelves and have them at the house so Shane could carry these impossibly heavy boxes down the stairs to her basement. We never could get the timing right.

Now, today, the miracle happened. I had just arrived at Sherrill's and I took a bunch of her 4th of July party things down to the basement and once again I saw how much she needed those shelves. We needed a MAN to help us!!!! Then, it came to me. We could go to Costco, have them load the shelves into the back of my big van and then when we got to Sherrill's I could open the boxes of shelves while they were still in the van and haul the shelves down to the basement in pieces...... WHAT A BRILLIANT PLAN!

It worked beautifully. The shelves were SO heavy, but piece by piece, it was manageable.

I have been reading a daily devotional book and it has been packed with positive thinking for every day. This mornings reading was entitled, "Program Your Mind for Success". One of the suggestions was to expect good things to happen in your life. Well, HELLO! Today my mind finally figured out the answer to a problem I have struggled with for MONTHS! It was truly a miracle.

I really experienced thinking "outside the box". What a simple solution. Take the shelves OUT of the box while the boxes were still in the van. Sherrill and I did it!

............................and we didn't need a man! :)