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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


My kids like to line things up! (Mikayla lined up everything, even Halloween candy.) Now, it's Jared's turn. He is currently in a "CARS" phase. Luckily, CARS is one of my favorite movies!

He carries his cars around in an old wipes box with Lightning McQueen on it. He takes the cars to bed with him, he gets them out and lines them up on the kitchen counter while he watches the CARS movie, or eats his meals.

Here, he's got them all lined up on my bed. So cute! Of course, where did Jared get this love for cars???? Duh! Have you met my husband??? :) We call him Limoshane!


Patty said...

How cute!

Shayleen Lunt said...

Yes, He held the Cars movie for quite some time until he realized that 101 dalmations won the choosing battle. Poor Jared...oen more thing...I DID notice when he fell down on our driveway yesterday and scraped up his elbow and knee. Sorry I forgot to mention it to you yesterday. I offered a bandaid several times and he didn't seem all that interested and so I just let it be. I'm not a bad babysitter, promise! :)

Mama D said...

That's really cute! Just following in Daddy's footsteps...

gordonfan said...

I don't want to frighten you sis, but this is how I got started. I am very happy that Shane is overseeing Jared's training in the ways of the "Car Guy."
I love seeing the next generation of car guys coming up under such great of an influance as the Limoshane

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