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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lost Links

I am so mad!!! I tried a new format for my blog and lost all my links to my friend's blogs. So, Friends, be patient with me as I try to find all of you again!


Patty said...

C'mon Maura... weren't you just aching for a time-consuming task to fill all those empty hours in your day?!! What a bummer! Good luck with getting them all back on there!

Jen said...

Ugh - that happened to me ONE TIME. I'll never do it again. You have to really be careful - there's a lot of "free" junk out there.

Mama D said...

I *hate* it when this happens! I changed mine and lost the code for my "recent comments." We haven't been able to locate where we found it on the internet, so I'm without that nice feature I used to have. It was aggravating!

Patty, you are funny... Good luck, Maura, with getting all those links back on your blog!