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Friday, March 13, 2009

Dave Ramsey Financial Class

Dear Friends,
I am just putting in a plug for the Financial Peace University class being taught at church on Thursday nights. Shane and I took this class last year at Rolling Hills Baptist Church and it is AWESOME!!!! Even if you feel you have good control over your finances, this class is chock full of good information. Plus, Dave Ramsey is incredibly entertaining. During each class, we watched a DVD by Dave and we came away excited about gaining control of our money. I STRONGLY encourage you to take the class if at all possible.

Brother Jewell in the Hamilton Ward is teaching this class and its starting soon.....the 19th or the 26th. (I'm not sure which.) You don't want to miss it!!!!
Shane and I are planning on coming to a couple classes just for a refresher. They are SO GOOD.


Shayleen Lunt said...

They start the 26th ;)

Mama D said...

Thanks. I've heard so much about them. Wish we could do it.

corrie said...

I think we're doing it!

chelle said...

Michael wants not so much! lol Not that we could atm anyways. They do sound amazing though. Maybe next go around I will be able to sit!

Louann and Bari said...

Bari and I took the class last time it was offered. It was really good. We also talk about stopping in for a refresher or two- even though we have all the CD's to listen to. We recommend it to everyone and are insisting our kids find a way to get to one.