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Monday, June 25, 2007

Family Home Evening Idea

My current favorite FHE idea was supplied by Jessica (from a fireside by Glenn Unklesbay).
It's called HEADLINE NEWS.

Jessica has a spiral bound notebook that she brings to FHE for HEADLINE NEWS. She writes the date and then asks each family member (we go from youngest to oldest) to tell us what the best thing was that happened to them over the last week. Or they just tell something they enjoyed that occurred (or it can be bad news). Jessica writes down their news in the notebook and with very little work you end up with a fabulous Family Journal. It has given Jessica her own responsibility for FHE and it gives us all a chance to enjoy each others accomplishments, fun, and even commiserate when things aren't so great (like Jessica getting a tick in the woods--Blech!!!). We've celebrated school awards and Young Women accomplishments. We even celebrated when Savannah's hair was finally long enough for a ponytail!!! This week we each shared our favorite things we did in Pennsylvania. (Hunter's favorite was our was mine!)


:P, corrie said...

Ooo, what a fun idea! Thanks for sharing it. You guys rock. We had fun with you last weekend, even though it was just a drive-by, that's what family does.

Leslie said...

That's a great FHE idea!