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Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Friend Won the Women's Division!

I'm so stoked! My friend Michelle won the Women's Division of the Flying Pig MARATHON! I told her Friday night that finally getting to meet her was like meeting a rock star! And was I right!?!

I called her cell phone after church and she told me she won! She said a helicopter followed her the last 10 miles of the race! And she was asked to come back to Cincy tomorrow and throw out the first pitch at the Reds game!!!! I teased her and told her if I had known she was going to win, I would have asked her to sign my marathon poster Friday night! She laughed and I told her that next time I see her she has to sign it!

I just got to see her finish on the 10 o'clock news too! They quoted her as saying she felt like a rock star!!!! I told her so!!!
What a blast! Michelle has been an amazing friend to me for the past 3 years on the beginners forum. When I first started posting she gave me so much encouragement and advice. She also writes fabulous "race reports" soon after she runs. I can't wait to read this one!

When I first started posting on the forum in 2005 I had no idea what a great group of people I would meet. Michelle has been one of them. In November 2005, I met 2 people from the forum, Luis and his wife Lorrie. Lorrie ran the whole 10K with me on Thanksgiving morning. She said it was her honor to run my first 10K with me.

Yesterday, it was my turn. It was MY honor to walk with Sylvia in her first ever 5K. I was so happy to "pay it forward" and do for Sylvia what Lorrie did for me 2 years ago.

Running makes me sore, but most of all it makes me happy.
Congratulations Michelle! And even more important: CONGRATULATIONS SYLVIA!!!!


ANTSYLLI said...

I love getting in with the "cool" crowd!Thanks for choosing me. I am so excited for next year. What is even more amazing is that I haven't heard Eric say more than a sentence or two about NASCAR in the past two days. All he talks about is the Flying Pig and how much he wants to do it. You are an awesome friend. Thanks for "paying it forward." You must show me all about this forum.

Jen said...

Wow! You have friends in high places. Neato.

gordonfan said...

Gee I wish my Jeff Gordon could have won his race. Is'nt knowing celeb's cool.

Steve and Jamie said...

Wow, I feel cool because I know you. Congratulations to your friend, and especially congratulations to you. I'm in awe!

Papa D said...

Congrats to the cool girls from one of the geeks in the crowd.