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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Morning Miracle

This is the right rear tire off our big 12-passenger van. We were on our way to Stake Conference this morning when this tire blew. And it is SHREDDED! We were in the high speed lane and all of a sudden there was a weird thumping sound. Shane and I both thought a motorcycle was coming up on our right side. But, then Shane said it was us and he started making his way quickly over to the right shoulder of the freeway. Unfortunately, their was a guard rail as far as the eye could see. So, we had to park just outside the line of the right hand lane.

When I first met Shane and we were dating he was the king of changing tires. And he still is. In those days he would actually have me "time" him. He could change one in less than 5 minutes. We were blessed today to have Michael, Jessica's boyfriend, riding with us. He and Shane worked quickly and had the whole process done in 29 minutes. (This was Shane's first time changing a tire on this van, so he was unfamiliar with the equipment. The part that took the longest was getting the spare to drop down from it's spot under the back of the van onto the asphalt. I know next time he'll shave off quite a bit of time!!!)

After about 20 minutes of sweating in the hot sun, and having the van rocked back and forth by the passing tractor-trailers, Mike and Theresa Jungkunz drove by, pulled over, and backed up dozens of yards on the shoulder to see if they could help. They sure did! We sent Savannah and Mikayla on to the meeting. Savannah was terrified by the passing traffic.

Shane and Michael were able to keep their church clothes pretty clean. I was in charge of passing out the baby wipes to try to get the grease off their hands. Just as we got all packed up and got ready to pull back on to the freeway a Sherriff pulled up. But, it was too late, we were all done and she didn't even turn on her flashing lights!!!! What a rip-off!

I'm so grateful to Heavenly Father for keeping us all safe. Gratitude goes to Him for not having ME behind the wheel when the tire blew! I'm also grateful that I was not alone when it happened. He kept us safe on the side of the freeway. No one veered into us while the tire was being changed. The spare tire was in good condition and able to be used. And BEST OF ALL, we had left home early enough that we were only a few minutes late to church!!!!! I think we got there just as the opening prayer was concluded. That is truly a miracle.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sweatin on Saturday

Last Saturday "Pink Princess Racing" hit Winton Woods with a vengeance. Well..... we went there anyway. We decided to try our legs on the trail and had a great time. Mikayla and Samantha are on the Intermediate School's Cross Country Racing Team and have been practicing for almost two weeks now. Sylvia and I wanted to go around Winton Woods Lake together, so we met there last week. (I brought Jessica, Mikayla, and Sam for good luck!)

We all did some running and walking. And Eric, as our pit crew, kept track of our times on his watch. It was a beautiful morning, nice and cool and we all had a great time! It was a good way to start the Saturday off right!