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Sunday, September 30, 2007

We call her Pretty Pretty Princess!

And I'll tell you why! I did her hair and we were really hustling to get it done in time! It took over an hour! While I was curling, spraying, and pinning her hair, she sat in a chair and made her royal requests.

"Mikayla, go downstairs and get my dress. Please."

"Mikayla, go downstairs and get my jewelry."

"Mikayla, go downstairs and get my shoes. Please."

Yes, your royal hiney. I mean highness! :)

AND she kept admiring her beautiful fingernails that she had done at the mall. (They really WERE gorgeous.)

Mikayla and I had a good laugh at how Princess Jessica was so demanding. Mik had her sweet revenge by bringing up macrame style jewelry while hiding the pretty silver jewelry Jess was planning on wearing. Mikayla also brought in an assortment of winter scarves to cover Jessica up a little bit more! And Jessica has promised to be Mikayla's servant when Mikayla gets ready for her first formal dance.

We three girls really had a great time getting Jess all gussied up. Her date, Zack Baker, got here a few minutes early and we still weren't done with her hair! So, he had to cool his heels in the living room for 10 minutes with Mikayla and Jared entertaining him. (Jared's nose was running! Not nice! But, kind of funny!)

I insisted on going down the stairs first (so I could watch Zack's reaction when Jessica came down). When she walked in the room he said "Wow" under his breath. It was so cute. They had a wonderful time on their date. Especially when they went to goof off in Target after their nice dinner at Johnny Carino's. At Target they tried on boots, cowboy hats, and Halloween masks! Zack told me Jessica even started riding a scooter up and down the aisles. (That story is uncorroborated.)

They stopped at the Village Green (a park) to walk around and take pictures and then stopped at UDF to have ice cream. They had a nice time seeing their friends at the dance, but the music was horrible and the dancing vulgar! Jessica and Zack are thinking a church dance will be more fun.

After the dance, they went to a friends' house (Claire) and then Zack brought her back home and we visited with them (including Mikayla) for a half hour or so. It was lots of fun for us to visit and get to hear all the fun details of their evening!

When the Mom is Sick

It's not pretty. And I don't just mean the face I see in the mirror! The house starts falling apart pretty quickly when the boss is down for the count. It started out as a bad headcold and sinus pain. Then it progressed to bad congestion and coughing. After a week it turned to a fever and stomach flu!!! It was AWFUL! But, finally this morning the fever broke. I feel weak and I'm not over it yet, but I feel much better.

Unfortunately, the house is in bad shape too. The laundry has become a complicated situation. Children ran out of socks on Thursday and Tanner actually went down to the dirty clothes in the basement to get some out of the "whites" hamper. When he came upstairs and had a "dirty" pair to wear to school. I actually said they would be fine. There are 3 baskets and a recliner full of clean clothes in my bedroom. They are unfolded, but at least clean. I'm afraid to venture down to the basement to see how high the dirty laundry pile is now.

But, I'm so proud of my family. Sometimes they didn't want to do the extra work asked of them, but Tanner watched Savannah on Thursday so I could take a nap. Mikayla went to the soccer games on Saturday to cheer for the boys since I couldn't go. (Thanks to Karlin for picking them up and taking them and bringing them home!!!!!) (Thanks also to Heather for taking my 3 middle kids for the afternoon so I could rest and thanks to Kevin and Pat for watching them in the evening!)

Mikayla then spent Saturday babysitting me and Jared. And now, she is downstairs making dinner for the family. Something else I am grateful for is my kids' caring personalities. When they would come home from school or activities, the boys would often stop in my room and check on me. "How are you feeling mom?" "Are you doing better?" "I hope you get better soon." Can you beat that?

So, after days of toast, soup, and Gatorade, I am glad to have eaten 2 real meals and I think I may actually be on the road to recovery!

I'm not including any pictures for this post. Believe me........

you don't want any!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Fried Rice

Maura's Chicken Fried Rice

2 cups uncooked white rice
4 chicken breasts, uncooked and cut into small chunks
1 medium yellow onion, diced
2-4 cloves garlic, minced (optional)
2 cups frozen green peas, thawed
4 eggs
margarine (or butter)
garlic salt
soy sauce
crushed red pepper flakes (optional)
This is my "homemade" recipe, so the amounts of the last 6 ingredients can vary according to your taste.

1) Prepare rice according to package directions. Set aside. The rice can be made a day ahead of time and refrigerated if desired. Or you can use leftover rice.

2) Melt margarine (approximately 1/4 cup) in a very large non-stick skillet or wok. Add chopped onion, garlic, and chicken. Season with some soy sauce, garlic salt, a little pepper, and a little red pepper flakes.

3) After chicken is cooked through, remove from skillet and set aside. Melt more margarine (approximately 1/4 cup) and add rice. Season with garlic salt and soy sauce. Stir it often over medium heat. When nicely warmed through, add thawed peas and stir.

4) While peas and rice are cooking, in another pan scramble 4 eggs with a little milk, garlic salt, and pepper.

5) When the eggs are finished, add them to the rice mixture.

6) Add the chicken back to the rice.

7) Taste. Add additional soy sauce or garlic salt if needed. This recipe makes a huge amount of fried rice and can be halved easily for a smaller family or if you don't want a lot of leftovers.

My family and friends like this so I thought I would post it on my blog.

Monday, September 17, 2007

New Cards

Here are my 2 new creations for my craft show. The index finger on the light pink one is not included and is for display purposes only!

Happy Birthday Savannah

Yesterday, we had a really nice evening with Shane's parents as we celebrated Savannah's 4th birthday. I just had the best time watching her open her gifts and smile so big as we all sang happy birthday to her.

We had a yummy pink cake that Mikayla and I made. Here is Savannah with her new Barbie from Ron and Diane.

One of my favorite shots is one of Jessica showing Savvy how to take care of her new dolly. And of course there are we are all enjoying a little cake and ice cream!!!

There are no pictures of me as I was the photographer! Oops!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Job

I cleaned house for Jean Pace today for about 3 1/2 hours. It was tough work. I came home completely drained!!!! She is an older lady in our ward (82 years old) and needs lots of help. Hopefully, she will need help once a week on Saturdays.

Last night at Tanner's soccer practice I went walking for 30 minutes. The hills kicked my butt!!! Literally. Once again I was reminded how much more difficult it is to walk outside compared to on a treadmill. It was really nice to get my walking in during his practice since I didn't have time at home during the day.

I still plan on trying to get a job at the YMCA. We'll have to see what happens!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Crafters Showcase

So, I was looking through the Cincinnati Enquirer in the classifieds. (I'm looking for a part-time job.) And I found an ad for a craft show put on by the Forest Park Women's Club. I was very brave and called the number in the ad. The very nice lady that answered my call told me all about the upcoming show. It's at Winton Woods High School on October 27th. She asked me what I make and I told her handmade cards. She said they sound beautiful. They have between 80 and 90 booths and the show runs from 9am to 3pm. I received my application for a booth today in the mail. I am so EXCITED!!!!! I absolutely love to make cards. If I can make some money doing what I love, I will be thrilled.

So, I am frantically "stamping my art out!" I have to buy a lot of cardstock and envelopes! I hope to have 300 to 500 cards ready to sell!

Today my plan was to make 10 cards. I finished 12 and stamped card fronts for 20 more. So, I am on my way to my first craft show. ( I feel so cool.)

Also, I got my 20 minute walk in this morning. And I ran about 7 minutes of it. I was nice and sweaty and happy when I finished.

(I love having the kids back in school. It is so much easier to get my housework done with less bodies in the house!!!! HOORAY!)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Today's Highlights

1) got up on time and walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes! Yay me!
2) got the dreaded phonecall from the school---Hunter had thrown up on the bus. Could you please come and get him?
3) got my laundry started and the dishes done fairly early today
4) had to "dismantle" the vacuum to find the puzzle piece I vacuumed up
5) made my bed, said my prayers, and read my scriptures all before 9 am (I think this is a record of some sort)

It is only 3pm. There may be more excitement to come. Most of my daily chores are done. I think I'll stamp some cards before Jared wakes us from his nap!