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Thursday, September 25, 2008

This week

So, I had to cancel a cleaning job this morning because I have a very sore throat. (Don't worry Dad, I'm doing my salt water gargle!)
I'm totally wiped out and sick of work. But, oh well. What are you going to do about it?
Actually, I work for really nice people, I'm just tired.

I thought I would write a bit about my week.
Jessica is going to Homecoming this week and Adrianne is going to do her hair. Adrianne came over Monday night to have a practice run at the hairdo. Shane worked that night until 11 pm.

Mikayla is doing awesome at Cross Country and finished 13th out of approximately 60 girls at a meet last week. I'm so proud of her.

Tanner is sporting a new haircut today. I absolutely HATE cutting my boys' hair, but I'm free and affordable. He is hoping to do 4th Grade Chorus.

I checked over Hunter's spelling homework this week. This is the sentence he had for the spelling word "thinning": My dad's hair is thinning.

Savannah was disappointed today when I wouldn't let her wear a paper birthday crown to school. She ran to her room crying. That is her normal reaction to bad news.

Jared may be getting pink eye. Or he just has the same cold I have.

On Monday, I took Hunter and Savannah to the doctor for check ups. Savannah needed to get 4 booster shots. I got her to lay down on the table, but when the nurse approached her, Savannah did a backwards somersault to the other end of the table and hopped down. (It's funny now!) I had to hold her down while the nurse held her legs, with her kicking and screaming. I wish I could take a valium before doctor appointments. They are no fun!!! Why is it the kids get the m&ms and stickers? I'm the one that needs them.

I really can't blame Savannah. A month ago she cut her foot and got 12 stitches. It was a really bad experience. Removing them took over an hour and she still has one buried in her heel that wouldn't come out. So, she was not about to willing let a nurse get their hands on her again!!!


Leslie said...

I think you deserve to take a really long, recuperative nap!

If you drop your kids off here, I'd be willing to give you a break. ;)

Patty said...

I think you're beyond the napping point... I think you deserve a day at a good spa!

chelle said...

What a crazy week. I hope you can catch a little break this weekend and that your feeling better soon!

Mama D said...

What a long, exhausting week! I hope you feel better soon and that Jared and the others don't catch what you have.

Patty, that spa idea sounds good. We should do that for an Enrichment activity... :)