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Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Black Squirrel 5K

On Saturday the 27th of September our Pink Princess Racing Team went to Glendale to run the Black Squirrel 5K. It was a blast!

Here is our team photo. Left to right: Sylvia, Courtney (Sylvia's niece), Me (Maura), and Mikayla.
This was the first time any of us have done to the Black Squirrel. It was MUCH harder than Sylvia or I were expecting. When we picked up our race packets the night before the race, we were told that the first part of the race was the hardest and that it got easier after that. WOW! Talk about an understatement!!! After only a few tenths of a mile the race went up a horrible hill. I will forever call it "heartbreak hill". It was a real struggle for me to keep my feet running all the way up. I felt like my feet weighed an extra 10 pounds a piece. Due to the hurricane earlier this month, there was a lot of debris still on the road: lots of twigs, leaves, etc. When I finally saw the one mile mark, I had already decided that they had neglected to put mile markers on the race!!! ONE MILE????? Are you KIDDING ME? I swear I thought I had already gone at least a mile and a half. What a disappointment! :)

My sport watch's battery died over a year ago and since I wasn't running much, I haven't replaced it yet. So, in place of a watch, I took my trusty cell phone with me so I could look down at the time and see what my pace was. Unfortunately, the print on my cell phone screen is kind of small and with how much my hand was bouncing I couldn't read the numbers at ALL!

I had been sick for several days with a sore throat and wasn't sure I would be able to run the whole race. I'm happy to say that not only was I able to run, but my finish time was surprisingly good! I finished in 31:44 minutes. (I had been hoping to finish in 36 minutes or less!) My legs felt like JELLO for 5 minutes afterwards, but it was so exciting to see Eric, Margret, and her kids, and Mikayla waiting for me at the finish line!

Here's Mikayla crossing the line! She did GREAT! I keep complaining about how hard the Black Squirrel course was. Mikayla says she liked it! What an awesome runner she is!

Okay, here's me. I'm huffing and puffing, but notice the girl behind me in the cute blue "running skirt". I had passed her about halfway through the race and as we were coming down the last couple tenths of a mile she passed me!!! This could not be! I poured it on the last hundred yards and beat her! Who says I'm competetive???
Courtney did wonderful! She too said the course wasn't that bad! I loved getting to know her better. She is a real sweetheart and I can't wait to run more races with her! Her finish time was super!
Last, but NOT LEAST! Here is my amazing friend Sylvia. She had a rough week too and the course was STRENUOUS! But, I am so proud of her. She did not give up! Sylvia finished really strong even though she wasn't feeling very good. Courtney, Mikayla, and I walked back along the course to find her and walk in with her. It was such a good feeling when she crossed the finish line and we got to cheer for her. She is an amazing woman!
Now this is my favorite picture of them all. Here is our team family. I and Mikayla are in back. Then we have Justin, Jessica with Heston, Sylvia, Margret, Courtney, and Eric. What a blast it was to have Margret and her kids with us at the race! The four of us runners came home with really cool participation medals and all of us came home with wonderful memories of a fun morning.
I can't wait for next year!
(okay, i could do without the hills! Sylvia is making me go back to train so we'll be ready for next year..... yuck!!!)


Leslie said...

Maura, you are a true inspiration!

Did I ever tell you about the time when I realized that my competitiveness had gotten out of hand? James and I were praying together, and after James said, "amen", I said, "amener". It just came out, without any thought. Yup, I knew I had a problem then.

Patty said...

Way to go!! You guys did awesome!!

heather said...

I'm still laughing over Leslie's comment. You guys are amazing and it looked like you guys had so much fun!

Jen said...


Awesome. I'm so impressed.

ch said...

Hi, Maura,

I'm glad we have been able to reconnect. It's fun to share some bits and pieces with each other. There's nothing quite like that feeling of accomplishment when you get to the finish line, no matter what line you're aiming for.


gordonfan said...

WHAT A WEEKEND! My only regret was that it was so physically taxing on you ladies. I will never however forget the pleasure of cheering on each of you as you ran (OK trudged) across the finish line. Cant wait to do it again downtown on Thanksgiving.

Mama D said...

Congrats on running such a taxing course! Y'all did great! All of you are an inspiration.

I'm still chuckling at Leslie's comment, too...

jocelynsark said...

Amener? I don't know you Leslie, but I like you already! Maura, that is awesome, you and Sylvia are the BEST!

Dory said...

you are an inspiration. Maybe this time next year I can run with you too! I can't believe I'm saying that, I hate running. You must be an inspitation!