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Friday, December 12, 2008

My Star Quilt

This picture is for you Grandma Martin!!! I finally learned how to put pictures on my blog using this computer. I'm hand-quilting this using a large wooden hoop, so you can still see I have large safety pins all over it. I've finished a lot of the stars and a lot of the yellow blocks. I haven't decided how I want to quilt the stripped border. The white edge is temporary to protect the edge until I'm ready to bind it. I'll probably bind it in bright yellow, maybe dark blue.

When my mom and dad were here to visit in October, I showed the quilt to my dad and he asked me what I was going to do with it when I was done. I told him I was "giving it to myself". hee hee. I just love the colors and it makes me happy everytime I work on it.


Erin said...

woo hoo! way to go maura! let me know if i can help. hand quilted things are soooo nice! one of these days i might try... good for you!

Mama D said...

This is beautiful. You deserve this gift to yourself - it represents a lot of effort, time, dedication and talent! You are amazing!

Patty said...

That's gorgeous! You've done a really nice job!

ch said...

Your quilt is beautiful Maura. Congratulations on your hard work.