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Monday, December 29, 2008

A New Member of the Family

This is our new kid---Cody!
He is a real doll. Shane and I met him a week before Christmas and had him delivered Christmas morning. The kids were thrilled. Tanner kept walking around saying he was dreaming! Cody is 11 months old and house-trained (a major plus). I swore we wouldn't get another dog until all the kids were out of diapers, but Cody was too good to pass up.
Supposedly, he is part Austrialian shepherd and blue heeler, but we think he has setter and pointer in him because of his markings. He belonged to Jessica's friend Aaron at school, but Aaron's family is pretty grown up and they were gone all day at work and school leaving Cody in a crate a lot of the time. So, they decided to look for a home where Cody would have lots of kids to play with. They found the right place.

The first few days were pretty rough, especially Christmas night. Cody paced through the house, not knowing where he was supposed to be. Eventually, he laid down and relaxed a bit, but he was up 3 times in the night. Jessica has decided that he must sleep in her room and that has been great. She lets him out in the night if he needs it and first thing in the morning she takes him to the backyard for a long game of fetch! He has tons of energy and loves to run after anything you throw for him. He's still got a bit of puppy in him and chewed up a "Pokeball" that Hunter got for Christmas. (Hunter is still not over it and wouldn't you know Meijer is out of them so I haven't been able to replace it!) Cody buries his rawhide bones and tonight during scripture time he came running into the living room with the bone he recovered from under a tree in the backyard. It was a bit dirty. I had a hard time concentrating on the scriptures between Jared kicking a soccer ball (and then cheering for himself) and watching Cody toss his bone in the air and try to catch it!

So, the chaos of our home has moved up another notch.....oh and did I mention Santa brought Tanner a set of drums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


corrie said...

Sounds like it was an excellent Christmas at your house. Your new puppy is too cute!

Leslie said...

Congrats! I'm glad that you're "dog people" unlike some of us. That present would have been traumatic at our house.

That's awesome that Tanner got a drum set. One of my brothers had one when we were growing up, too.

Miss you! Merry Christmas (a little late)!

Mama D said...

What a great Christmas!

Do you think Tanner would give Laura drum lessons? She has already decided that is her instrument of choice, and hasn't changed her mind in years. Maybe that's what she needs next Christmas...

Jessica the Fighting Filly said...

Mikayla used to be determined to only play the tamborine. At least Laura has decided more than one percussion instrument is the way to go.
And I'm sure Tanner would give her drum lessons... however I would talk to the other sibblings about the Christmas gift idea first. Drums are not exactly a quiet instrument. My house learned that quite quickly. lol

Steve and Jamie said...


Your Merry Christmas would have been my nightmare. Another creature in the house to feed and something that makes lots of noise--AAAGGHH!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it all, though. Happy New Year!

ch said...

I don't ever want a dog but I would love to learn to play the drums! Go Tanner.