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Monday, July 16, 2007

Finding Nemo

Okay, so I got to go on a Youth trip to Kirtland on Saturday. It was wonderful. It was so interesting, fun, and spiritual. I had a super time. Yesterday, church was easier than usual. I was in such a good mood. The kids (while not ever angels, but then neither am I) acted a little better in Sacrament Meeting. The whole day went well and I really think I was on a spiritual high from Saturday. It continued this morning....But, you probably know what is going to happen.

My favorite scene in Finding Nemo is when Marlin and Dory are down DEEP in the dark ocean and they see a pretty light. They start talking to the light and singing. Then they realize the light is attached to a horrible Anglerfish who is going to eat them. Marlin then says "Happy Feeling Gone!"

That is SUCH A GREAT LINE!!!! I tell that to Shane all the time when I have reached my absolute limit with the kids! Well, today I came crashing down from that spritual high!!!! The house was a horrible wreck. Laundry, clutter, toys, dishes, etc. were everywhere. And the kids were all hungry (so was I). This is a typical description of dinnertime at our house. Shane called right after I got the kids fed and I had to say it. "Happy Feeling Gone!"

I know that you KNOW what I'm talkin' about!!!!! :)

I'm going to bed.....


Shayleen Lunt said...

I can't say that I know what you are talkin' about. I love hungry kids, overfilled laundry baskets, countertops covered with dirty dishes...who could ask for anything more?

Leslie said...

Oh, how I know that feeling!! Especially at 5:00pm on Sundays. Love those kids, but boy, oh boy, it's a good thing church isn't any longer than it actually is.

Oh, and my house looked exactly as you've described. If you don't believe me, ask Heather, she was an unlucky eye witness!

hannrichards said...

I have found that when you look at your own house the mess seems 100 times more messy and appalling than it actually is.I witnessed both your houses and neither left me shocked. I have also found if you want a meticulously clean house all day you have to leave for the whole day!As I type this it and look around it looks like Toys R Us (in particular the whole Star Wars section)exploded onto my floor.

Jen said...

I hid all our personal effects away last Friday so we could host the Elders Quorum Dessert night, and we still haven't gotten them back out. So, our house still looks a little orderly. Oh, but give us time. The toys are slowly trickling downstairs from Mason's room, and the mail is beginning to collect on the kitchen island. Home sweet home!

:P, corrie said...

'Happy feeling gone' happens to me usually on Sunday evenings when I'm thinking about what I have to do during the next week. I love this blog. It's good to know that other people are paranoid about home clutter too.