Current Exercise and Weight Loss Goals

Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Sacrament Meeting Rodeo

Well, that's what I call it each week. Today was no exception. Hunter and Tanner could not sit still or stop talking for anything. I feel like I'm ropin' young calves for over an hour!!! Dirty looks and whispered threats only go so far!!!!

Shane said he could tell it was getting out of control at one point when he saw me talking to Hunter and it looked like my eyes were about to pop out of my head!! Jared wasn't cranky today, but he was so active that I wanted to scream!!!! He thinks that I am A JUNGLE GYM!!!! I spent much of the meeting trying to not flash anyone! He grabs what ever part of my shirt is accessible when he wants up or if he is losing his balance!! By the end of Sacrament meeting each week I'm hot, sweaty, cranky, and my neck is all scratched up from Jared. But, today the meeting ended early, so I took 5 minutes to sit on our bench and breathe deeply. (They never tell you in Lamaze class that you will do more deep breathing AFTER the kids are born than you ever did in labor.) Shane came to take Jared away so I could teach Sunday School. That is one of my favorite moments each Sunday!!!

Here is my exercise update:
Monday: 4 miles in 66:02 min.
Tuesday: nada
Wednesday: 5 MILES in 81:23 min.
Thursday: bad headache so no exercise (or laundry) got done
Friday: 4 miles in 66:11 min.
Saturday: 4 miles in 64:00 min.

Week total: 17 miles of walking. I'm 3 miles short for the week, but I might go down to the basement and walk a little before bed.

Here is my diet update: cream tastes really, really good.........................
Okay, so Tues, Wed, and Thurs were pretty bad. I couldn't stay out of the cookies. But, yesterday I was back on track!!!!

I have lost a little weight which is nice. But, I'm really going for consistent cardio again even if I don't lose much during this 3 week goal. I love the feeling that comes at this time in my training. I am tired and my knee joints ache a little, but it is a good sore. It reminds me that I have earned that soreness!!!! I can feel my thigh muscles coming back to life and getting firmer again. I am so excited to get running. The longest run I ever did was 9 miles. In the running world it is a big deal to run 10 miles or more. It is called (at least on joining the "2 Digit Club". I hope to "join the club" this year or next. My main running goal is to run the Thanksgiving Day 10K this year. Running it in 2005 was one of the proudest moments of my life.

Thanks everyone for all the positive comments on my exercise! It helps to know others are seeing your work and being your cheerleaders! You are great!!! I have the best family and the best friends!


Leslie said...

Go Maura! Go Maura! Go Maura!! (picture me doing some really lame dance/cheer-leading moves!)

Shayleen Lunt said...

You are such a great mom! Jared and Carter have something in common...they feel the need to undress us when we don't want to be undressed! (Everyday in the bathroom while I try to brush my teeth and make myself presentable, I am nearly depantsed (?sp) by Carter trying to get me to pick him up.)
Next cookies I make you for VT, will be yummy, diet ones, okay?
I think a 10K is an AWESOME goal - I need a goal like that!

:P, corrie said...

I'm just trying to think what Shane is thinking while you're doing all this wrestling in sacrament. teehee.
You'll have to come up with some family sign language that you can do to each other. Like a baseball team.