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Monday, July 23, 2007

Clutter-mine vs. theirs

I have decided that MY clutter is nothing when compared to the clutter left by others in my house. Now, here is my reasoning:

When "I" leave a diet Coke can on the counter, who do you think is going to throw it away??? Me, of course!!!! It may be awhile before I get to it, but I will definitely be back.

Now, when "someone else" leaves a MOUNTAIN DEW can on the counter, do you think that "someone" is going to throw it away????? NO! IT WILL BE ME!!! Unless, I nag that certain someone (and actually, this time I don't mean Shane) I will be the one to clean the counter. (It's Jessica.....)

So, as you can see, my clutter is just temporarily occupying space, but I if I find clutter left by someone else I tend to go ballistic!

I am always innocent! :)

Aren't you?


Leslie said...

You have no idea how many times I have gone through this same reasoning. No one picks up after me, so if I leave something, it's not like I'm leaving it for someone else to take care of. I KNOW who will be picking it up. Unfortunately, I share your attitude toward others' clutter. Just as I know I'll be taking care of my own clutter, I KNOW that they will not likely be picking up theirs. I think we're justified in our ballistications! (I just invented that word, like it?)

:P, corrie said...

Who has clutter? I have a cleaning fairy who comes over while I'm asleep to do all my tidying up. Yeah, right. Y'all know I can't stand clutter. I feel your pain.