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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Beach Towels

I just love beach towels. When I'm at the store new beach towels ALWAYS catch my eye. I love the bright blues, teals, oranges, reds, greens....all of them. I also love the designs: stripes, dolphins, palm trees, Hawaiian flowers! If I were rich my closets would be full of brand new, fluffy beach towels! I would use them year round because they are just so fun!!!!

When my kids were in swim lessons I saw a beautiful beach towel with the Disney princesses on it. Savannah and I were both drooling. I would love a Finding Nemo, A Bug's Life, or even Cars towel. Almost anything Pixar! But, I'm not sure about Ratatouille. Who wants a rat on their beach towel?


:P, corrie said...

I'm all for regular towels, especially when they're fresh from the dryer. New socks too, I love those.