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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hi Grandma!!!!!!

Mom says you are reading my blog and enjoying it! Thanks! We got a lot of snow here last week. 9 inches which is nothing for you and a bunch for us. We're doing pretty well. Savannah, Tanner, and Jessica all had strep throat so I asked for antibiotics for Mikayla and Hunter as well. Every night we would line up all the kids and dose them.

I'm cleaning houses now to make a little extra money, but I find it is really cutting down on the time I need for the fun things in life, like, oh I don't know.... our LAUNDRY, cleaning the house and cooking meals!!! It's really been hard to figure out how to get everything done, but I guess that keeps life interesting.

I'm getting back into running (very slowly). I'm training for a 6 mile race on May 3rd. I don't think I'll be able to run the whole thing, but if a can run at least half of it I'll be happy.

Hope you are having a good week. Mom tells me you are enjoying doing geneology (I think she said you were doing indexing for the church!). And that you are walking a lot too.

We sure do love you!!!


Mama D said...

How neat to send your grandma a message on your blog! My parents read mine, but comment via email instead of on my blog. Maybe I should follow your example, and write a parental gratitude post for them...