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Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm the boss, Applesauce!

A few days ago, I was getting all the kids in the dining room for dinner and they were so loud that I insisted that they sit down and not say one word! The older kids thought this was so funny. If they started to talk, I cut them off and told them to be quiet! They started grinning and pretended to start talking to try to get a rise out of me. (shocking, I know)

Well, Savannah came in and sat down next to me. Of course, she started to talk and tell me all the things on the table she did not want to eat for dinner. I hushed her several times. The other kids kept snickering. Then Shane walked in. Savannah turned to him and complained, "Dad! Mom's trying to boss us!"

Shane almost lost it! The kids did! They all started laughing. Savannah couldn't figure out what was so funny! Shane told her, "She's supposed to boss you.....she IS the boss!"

(at least Shane knows!)


Patty said...

Thanks for the laugh!!

Steve and Jamie said...

The little people in my house haven't figured this out yet either. Allison thinks that SHE is the boss.

Okay, sometimes she is. At least Steve thinks I'm in charge!

chelle said...

That sooo sounds like somethign Savanna would do/say!! I love it. :D
Too funny!
Btw, umm you wanna try to do our VT this month ;) our batting average is slipping agian dang it!

Jen said...

I frequently have to remind my three-year-old that I am in charge. When he's getting too demanding, I stop him and say, "Mason, who is in charge?" Usually he says "Mommy!" But every once in a while he insists it's him. *sigh*

Papa D said...

Shane obviously is a smart man.

Sarah said...

First, I think your kids are hilarious! Second, I am planning on coming to your stamp party Thursday. Third, My sister in law wants to come with me. Fourth, can she bring her kid? (I'd call you but I don't know where the kids put my phone!)