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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Savannah Banana

Savannah broke out in a horrible rash Sunday and stopped walking because her legs hurt so much. She has been sick for two weeks. First it was strep throat, but the fever wouldn't go away and then the rash started. When she started crawling around everywhere I got really scared. I took her to the doctor and the diagnosis was that it might be mono! How weird is that?! They pricked her finger and took a blood sample. The first test came back negative. The nurses tried to find a good vein in her arm to take another sample to send to Children's Hospital, but Savannah didn't think it was a good idea. I ended up stretched out on the table with me holding her down, Savannah screaming, two nurses holding onto her arm, and Jared standing by my leg crying. They gave up and sent me to Children's Outpatient in Mason.

It went a little better there, but by the time it was over Savannah and I were both crying and when they offered her a sucker for being good, I took one too!!!

Today, we headed back to the doctor and found out the mono test came back negative. (after all that drama!) We went through the torture of another finger prick to find out that Savannah's white blood cell count is coming back up. (thank goodness) The official diagnosis is that she has been suffering from a virus and just ended up with a viral rash. She's no longer contagious and she is getting her energy back.

I'm just thrilled that we are on the road to recovery. IT HAS BEEN A LONG COUPLE OF WEEKS!!!


Mama D said...

I'm doing the same balancing act with work and family responsibilities. I'm glad that there are some good days mixed in with the ones when I feel like the house is falling apart. Fun stuff, huh.

I hate having to hold the kids down for blood draws and such! I'm glad that Savannah is on the road to recovery. It is very exhausting to have sick kids! Hope that all of you will be able to be back to your usual health and strength soon.


Shayleen Lunt said...

Maura - Thanks for posting this update on Savannah! I was wondering how her tests came back. So glad she's getting back to normal!

Jen said...

I'm with you, Maura. I'm so ready for all this winter sickness to be over. Send in the spring!!!

Patty said...

Wow... I've missed a lot not being able to read blogs for a week or so! I'm sorry to hear that you've had it so rough at your house with all the illness. Even worse to have to miss Enrichment and a stamping party. What a bummer! I hope this next week goes a thousand times better for you.