Current Exercise and Weight Loss Goals

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 2

It is Sunday.....a day of rest. :) I stayed up too late to watch the Dallas Cowboys football game and so arrived at church a bit bleary-eyed. I stuck to my breakfast plan of Special K, milk, and half a banana. Had 3 pieces of chocolate on my way home! oops! Ate a reasonable lunch and dinner. However, I did "stress-eat" a large cookie when I woke up from a too-short nap and had only 30 minutes to get dinner ready for the missionaries. My best accomplishment for today was that I DID NOT EAT any dessert or snacks after dinner and I didn't have 2nds at dinner either.

Mikayla and I are going to try running together right after school tomorrow with Jared in a jogging stroller.


Mama D said...

One of the neat things about your fitness goals is that you are tracking your progress on your blog, which means you will be updating more frequently. Hooray, we all win! :)

Pampered Princess said...

thanks michelle. You are very nice!