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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Monday and Tues

Monday- I did really well with my eating through the day. Ate a bit too much at dinner, but that happens. Mikayla and I did take Jared in the jogging stroller. Wow! What a process this was. We had to get all our cold weather running stuff on and then get the stroller figured out (we've only used it one other time) and THEN get Jared dressed and ready to go. I was SWEATING up a storm and we were still in the front hall of our house! (note to self: don't put on your coat until you are really sure you are walking out the front door!)

Pushing the jogging stroller brought running to a whole new level of difficulty! We couldn't run on the sidewalks because a lot of people haven't cleared the snow off yet, so we ran in the road. There is still a lot of ice and snow there too! So, we ran around the ice, snow, parked cars, and tried to stay out of traffic. But, the thing that killed me were the little wimpy hills! I cannot run up hills easily even when I'm not pushing a 33 pound kid in a stroller!!! We went about 10 minutes and had to turn back because I had to go to work (and I was DYING!). We will try it again, because it was a really good workout. When we got back to the house, Mikayla took Jared up the street of our neighborhood for five extra minutes. Obviously, she is in much better shape than I am!

Tuesday- Today started out very promising. I had two jobs and instead of counting of fast food I, (are you sitting down?) ACTUALLY packed my lunch! I know, you are in shock! I packed a nice salad with turkey and cheese, an apple, and a bottle of water. I ate this while getting Jared from preschool and dropping him off at Karlin's while I headed to my next house to clean.

After work, I fell off the wagon. I had a lot of driving to do to get Mikayla where she needed to go and the little kids TALKED MY EARS OFF! I swear I must hear the word "mom" 300 times a day. I love my kids so much, but sometimes I can't listen any more. Did I take a time out? No, I took food instead! Ate too much and got discouraged. But, after I ate at 3:30 I decided I was done eating for the day. My late after-lunch-snack could also be my dinner. And so I have not eaten anything else and I'm drinking lots of water. For my exercise today I attended a free Zumba class at a friend's dance studio. Heather went with me and although the music and dance moves were not to our taste, we definitely got a good aerobic workout. It reminded me how much I love a good exercise class and I'm determined to go a couple times a month to the Zumba class I like at another location. It is so fun to see other women dancing and feeling foolish (or some who really CAN dance). It's also nice to get away for a while and sweat away some stress!


gordonfan said...

This is sylvia...way to recover. Today I did YBB Light and easy. it felt good to sweat. I am almost back!